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A Medley of Image Effects On Your Android Phone

Foto Medley is your mobile photo effects tools. It fits in your pocket or in the palm of your hand. You can create amazing derivative images from your own photos, take pictures and apply special effects, and share them with your friends and family!

It's simple, powerful, and easy to use. Foto Medley is available for download in the using the Android Market.

Download today using you Android phone for FREE!

Apply Special Effects

Foto Medley is designed to apply any number of special effects to your images — such as photo mosaics, and more.

  • Browse your gallery to select images
  • Use your camera to take pictures
  • Select from multiple image effects

Generate Photo Mosaics

We have an optimized photo mosaic generator that can create amazing mosaics in just minutes on your mobile phone. We provide large image libraries to allow your to create the highest quality mosaics.

  • Select your mosiac preferences
  • Foto Medley analyzes your image and selects the best matches
  • Your new mosaic is ready in minutes

Image Libraries

We have indexed thousands of photos into special libraries used in generated mosiacs. We continue to create to image libraries that allow your to create new images that awe and inspire you. You can even generate your own image libraries and create mosiacs from your own photos..

  • Our Plant Photos library has over 5,000 high quality plant photos
  • We've collected over 3,000 DVD covers
  • Many rendering options are available to create the best images

Contact Us

Thank you for choosing Foto Medley. We'd love to hear from you with your suggestions for future versions.

You can write to us at with your feedback.

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